Bộ trộn khí N2

Bộ trộn khí N2

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The design of the gas mixer is synchronous with Talos Saigon’s coffee storage and filling system, helping to achieve efficient service performance and increase the overall durability of the whole system.

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Coffee cold brew, also known as cold brew coffee, has created a great craze with its unique preparation. Unlike the traditional brewing method using hot heat, this coffee is brewed with ice cold water, contained in a keg/bomb that can withstand great pressure. After that, the coffee from the bomb/keg and the nitrogen gas from the air tank are pushed into a specialized nitrogen gas mixer to mix, creating a cold brew coffee drink with a smooth layer, delicious taste.

The nitrogen gas mixer manufactured by ICool Thailand and distributed by Talos Saigon is a device used in many coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels to create Cold Brew beverages with many outstanding advantages:

The device shell is made of high-strength SUS 304 stainless steel, minimizing the possibility of rust, meeting safety and hygiene standards, especially in the condition of continuous contact with coffee / drinks .
The device has 2 inputs, 1 gas inlet connected to the Nitrogen gas tank, 1 beverage inlet connected to the beverage line from the bomb/keg preservation and 1 outlet connected to the pouring spout. As a result, nitrogen gas is pushed in at the same time as the drink under great pressure, forming a smooth creamy foam.

The 1.5 Bar pressure relief valve adjusts the appropriate pressure, increasing the speed of accelerating nitrogen gas and beverages.

Titanium alloy mixing head helps to mix nitrogen and drinks evenly, creating a smooth foam that blends with drinks.

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