Talos Rinser

Talos Rinser

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The design is synchronized with the sink, simple water connection, ensuring effective water supply and drainage, keeping the surface of the bar system, the dispensing area always clean and dry.

Mô tả

SV-06 Rinser is a specialized equipment for the bar system, supporting quick and convenient cup coating, distributed directly by Talos Saigon with many outstanding advantages:

SUS 304 stainless steel material has high strength, anti-warping when impact and ensures hygiene and safety standards.
Designed with 6 plastic legs to fix cups and cups during cleaning, with standard sizes, suitable for all types of glasses commonly used at the bar.

The cup sprayer automatically sprays water when the glass is turned upside down, cup down and pressed. Water jet with strong thrust, evenly distributed on the nozzles, ensures quick and convenient cleaning of cups. As a result, the device helps to speed up cup rinsing while ensuring cleaning efficiency, improving customer service efficiency, especially during busy peak hours.

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