Talos Corny Keg (Soda 5 Gallons)

Talos Corny Keg (Soda 5 Gallons)

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Built-in safety pressure relief valve, releasing air when the pressure in the bomb/keg is too high, making it difficult to pour beer/drink.

The silver keg, the black hard rubber handle and base stand out, enhancing the aesthetics at the point of sale when integrated with the stainless steel storage cabinet.

Mô tả

Keg is used to store and preserve beer, beverages for filling. This is an effective way to store beer/drinks, ensuring quality and safety in conditions that require long-term transportation and preservation.

Keg 5 Gallons from China, distributed by Talos Saigon, specializes in preserving draft beer, craft beer, and serving drinks with outstanding advantages:

SUS 304 stainless steel material, fast cold heat conduction, ensures effective cooling of beer/beverage preserved in Keg. At the same time, the material prevents rust, suitable for storage cabinets in both dry and water modes.
5 gallons capacity equivalent to nearly 19L

The handle and the keg base are made of hard rubber, sturdy, durable, convenient for transportation and disassembly for storage – beer/beverage filling

Optimized for quick filling with 2 quick connection points (inlet and outlet) by ball valve.

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