Temperature Controller – Rơ le cảm biến đá

Temperature Controller - Rơ le cảm biến đá

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Mô tả

Ice sensor relay is a specialized temperature control device for storage cabinets or beer and beverage filling equipment, especially when operating in water mode. The product has high advantages of precise controllability and durability.

Effective temperature control

Beer/beverage storage and filling equipment operating in water mode generally works on the principle of creating a layer of ice of a certain thickness. Therefore, the freezer compartment of the refrigerator always maintains a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, helping to cool beer / drinks quickly and stably.

If the ice layer is too thin, the cooling effect will be poor. On the contrary, if the ice layer is too thick, it can cause the beer bomb / heat exchanger tube to freeze, causing the beer inside to freeze, spoil the beer, and cannot be filled.

However, because the water containing ice is always at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the temperature sensor control devices will not work effectively because the thickness of the ice cannot be controlled. The main rock sensor is a control method that operates according to the switch mechanism, suitable to overcome this problem, with the following advantages:

Precise control of stone thickness, ensuring optimum stone thickness according to manufacturer settings
Temperature control in the cabinet during dry operation with low temperature tolerance

Mechanical control knob with control level from 1 to 7, allows to adjust at least 0.5 pcs / time, making operation easy and simple.

Optimize performance, maximize durability

Besides the advantages of accuracy in temperature control, rock sensing relays are also popular for the following reasons:

Maximum Durability: Minimizes short-circuit, microcontroller/circuit burn, especially when operating in Water mode like most electronic temperature controls

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