Talos Coil Chiller

Talos Coil Chiller

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Talos products are optimal in terms of durability thanks to high quality materials, reasonable thickness and standard manufacturing technology, achieving high finishing.

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The heat exchanger tube is an accessory used for the quick cooler, which helps to cool the beer quickly, serving the filling process.

The product plays the role of leading beer from the bomb/keg up to the spout. The heat exchanger tube is designed in a spiral shape, cooled by ice in the fast cooling chamber. Beer or drinks, when passing through the heat exchanger tube, will be cooled rapidly to a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, helping beer and drinks quickly reach the standard pre-set filling temperature, namely 2-4 degrees Celsius with draft beers.

Optimal design, fast cooling, prevent waste of beer/drinks.

+ The pipe has a length of 20-22m, a wall thickness of 0.4 mm, a standard diameter equivalent to the heat exchanger pipes of imported fast air conditioners such as CELLI, …
Optimum tube wall thickness ensures efficient heat exchange, allowing beer and drinks to be cooled quickly

+ The distance between the pipes is even thanks to being produced on an automatic copper pipe winding line.

+ Optimal pipe length with fast air-conditioner design, ensuring the necessary cold is achieved, and at the same time preventing waste of beer and drinks during bomb/keg change

+ Ensure safety and hygiene standards

As a product in direct contact with beer and beverages, hygiene and safety criteria are very important. Duc Minh heat exchanger tube ensures food safety and hygiene criteria. The product is made of SUS304 stainless steel, limiting rust and oxidation, and preventing dirt, limiting the accumulation of beer and yeast in the pipeline.

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