Talos Spear A

Talos Spear A

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Talos 50cm bomb neck valve is used in combination with a flat beater (also known as a tap A) to serve filling beer and drinks from bombs into cups. Thanks to the bomb neck valve, the beer bomb is kept closed, avoiding CO2 loss and keeping the beer taste fresh as well as avoiding beer leakage, preventing beer from being directly exposed to the environment or hot outside temperature causing spoilage and sourness beer.

Mô tả

The product is suitable for many types of beer preservation bombs/kegs such as 50L EU bomb, 20L US bomb. These are the common bomb/keg sizes commonly used to preserve beer and beverages such as milk tea, fruit tea, sugarcane juice, … at restaurants, bars, cafes, drinks, etc.

Product Features:
+ Talos 50cm bomb neck valve has many outstanding advantages, making the filling process and operation simpler and easier. Specifically:
+ Anti-oxidation SUS 304 stainless steel material, effectively responds to the conditions of continuous beer contact.
+ The surface diameter is 75mm, the beer pipe is 530mm long, coated with anti-adhesion.
+ The surface of the neck surface is made of rubber, with good elasticity, ensuring a tight connection. Highly synchronized with the entire filling system including taps and nozzles, optimizing filling efficiency, speeding up customer service.
+ Ensure food safety and hygiene
+ As a product that comes into direct contact with the beer in the bomb, with the characteristics of beer being a drink that still has active probiotics, it is easy to be sour, damaged, and deformed. ability to ensure food safety and hygiene, reflected in:
+ SUS 304 stainless steel material is suitable for cleaning equipment and accessories for beer filling
+ The surface gasket of the bomb neck valve is made of EPDM plastic according to food safety and hygiene standards.
+ The product has been certified to meet food hygiene and safety standards.

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